Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things Girls Won't Tell Guys

Hey, gents! You know, there are things girls wish they could tell you, but will never, under ordinary circumstances, will. Here are a couple of examples:

1. She wants a gentleman. I know, it's true. You see, during the '60's and '70's there was this movement called Women's Liberation, which essentially was a bunch of ticked off women griping about how they were oppressed by men. This eventually resulted in the near- death of chivalry. 

She won't admit it, but she wants you to pay the check, to open the door for her (this even includes the car door), to ask if you can kiss her good night, and to say hello to her family. 

2. She wants appreciation. We gals go to a lot of effort to make ourselves attractive to guys. Between putting on make up to doing our hair to shaving our legs to plucking our eyebrows to a lot of other stuff that is needless to say.  And, a lot of times, it seems our efforts are for naught. So, the next time your girlfriend or sister looks really pretty, please, please, please, tell her so! We don't go through all that crap for our health, you know.

3. She wants commitment. I have never ever met a girl who did not want commitment. Maybe you're afraid of the c- word, but no girl wants to have an "on-again, off-again" relationship. We crave dependability, and if you're hot and cold, that's not helping. 

If you're a teen, commitment is, well, hard to come by. Most of the time, high school relationships are built on shaky stuff. For this reason, it is (almost all the time) better to wait until you're older to start dating. It is nearly impossible for two seventeen year old's to offer each other commitment. How can you be sure of someone else when you aren't even sure of yourself?

4. She wants a best friend. Maybe it's just me, but before you become my boyfriend, and eventually my husband, I want you to be my best friend. The beauty of being  best friends first is that she learns all your little quirks, and vice versa. Also, you know the real person that she is, rather than who she portrays herself to be, because it is so easy for us girls to fudge on who we really are a bit to please you guys. Girls are natural born liars, and it is hard for us to check the nature at the door, especially when it comes to guys.

Well, guys, I hoped this cleared up a few curiosities about the fairer sex. Don't forget to comment if you have any questions or comments, and recommend if you liked this article. God bless!

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