Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stefne Miller and Major Excitement

Hey y'all! A few days ago, I signed up to win Salvaged, which is a really awesome book by Stefne Miller. I didn't know if I was going to win, but I had a pretty darn good feeling about it. Last night, I found an email in my inbox saying that I won! I was literally screaming and hooting. Can you tell that I wasn't excited? 

 Salvaged is about Attie Reed, who at the young age of sixteen lost her mother and best friend, Melody in a tragic car accident, and nearly lost her own life. The summer she turns seventeen, she moves to Guthrie, Oklahoma to spend the summer with the Bennet family-- Melody's family. Although she has physically recovered, she has a long way to go to recover from her emotional scars. With a little help from the Bennet's, Riley (Melody's brother), and Jesus, she can finally forgive.

Now here's the ultra-super-duper-fantastically-neat thing. I read all three of Stefne's books through my library. When I emailed her telling her I read them through the library, she offered to not only send me Salvaged, but Rise and Collision, too. I was blown by her generosity.

I love Stefne's writing style. It's relaxed, yet poetic at the same time. She shares authentic characters, with real, believable problems. Filled with humor, heartbreak, and romance, they are the ultimate chick read.

All right, I will discontinue by gush-fest. I hope you all have a great day!

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