Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hairstyled by Amy Thoumieux

As a girly girl, I thought Hairstyled was a really fantastic book! Filled with colorful pictures and easy to understand instructions, this book is a dream for girls like me who are a little, shall we say, beauty challenged.

Divided into sections such as buns, braids, headbands, and varying lengths and thicknesses of hair, Hairstyled has an assortment of styles for an assortment of personalities, as well as an assortment of women. Because I have very thick hair, it would probably be easier for me to pull off a lot of these 'do's than someone with really thin hair,  but I found that there were many options that thin haired and really curly haired women could pull off with ease.

From its uncomplicated layout to its colorful pictures to its fabulous coiffes to its fun tips, Hairstyled is my hair brush's new best friend.

Blogging for Books sent me a free copy of Hairstyled by Amy Thoumieux in exchange for my honest opinion.

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