Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review for "A Worthy Heart" by Susan Anne Mason

A Worthy Heart is the second book in the Courage to Dream Series by Susan Anne Mason. Maggie Montgomery, a Cork, Ireland native, takes a steamship to New York City with the hopes that she never returns home. After staying in the Big Apple for a few days, she meets the dashingly handsome farm hand Adam O'Leary. Soon, she discovers that Adam is actually her sister-in-laws brother, fresh from prison. Suddenly, she is caught in a game of forbidden love, and unsure what to do. All she knows is that she loves Adam.

This book, unfortunately, was a little too mushy for my taste. The author frequently used words like "enchanting","mesmerizing", "lovely", etc. I appreciate that there are more Christian authors writing romance novels in substitute to secular market ones, but sometimes, they are just kind of..... mushy.  Also, a couple of kissing s scenes are rather racy.

The idea for the book was great,and as far as I could tell, the time line was about right too. I really wanted to like this book, but I hard a time trying to do it.

I was sent this book in exchange for my hones opinion by Bethany House Publishers.

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