Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coffee vs. Chocolate...... Who is the Winner?

HI!! I am in love with chocolate and coffee. I feel like I am cheating on one of them with the other. I feel like a wretched person { insert pouting lip} .

Coffee is a main staple in America. We eat it, drink it, not to mention get caffeine over- dosed in the air we breathe at Starbucks!   The only issue with coffee is it causes {when you consume too much of it}  the shakes, uneven breathing, and it drives your friends through the roof. So if you are in love with coffee be prepared to be just friends with coffee.

My other love interest is chocolate. Yeah, that dark, creamy stuff that is made a fool on Halloween.  I love chocolate but it makes you fat and gives you zits and it also has caffeine in it as well!!!! So you are eating coffee without enjoying the experience!

There is good news to this story, however. I have developed a way to have cake and eat it too. It is called a .......................... MOCHA!

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