Saturday, August 23, 2014

Block Party and Answer to the Joke of the Week

Hello! How are you all doing today? Good, I hope! So today we are having a block party in my neighborhood. We have the largest yard in the area, so we are hosting it! It is also a potluck and I made my dad's favorite chocolate cake. If you want the recipe please go to my mom's blog:

It is the most amazing chocolate cake ever, and we have it at all our birthday parties. Please also take some time to visit my mom's great blog. She has been blogging for about three years know and has too many recipes to count.
I am terrible at frosting a cake but here is a picture of my brother's birthday cake. Or one of many, I should say!

 Another exciting event to day is our city's annual street festival. It is one of my favorite events of the whole year. All the local business by tables and there candy and toys and balloons... Ahh, childhood.

Breaking News: The cake came out of the oven and reportedly looks good.

Also, you probably want to know who got the answer correct or the Joke of the Week. The joke was:
                                                  "What time of the day was Adam created?"

And the winner is...................................... SAILFISH! Congrats, Sailfish! Just so you know, everyone, Sailfish answered the joke with:
                                                                                     "A little before Eve" 
 Good job y'all and I will be releasing the next joke to the public on Monday! Have a great weekend!


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