Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What is A Christian?

Far be it for me to tell you what a Christian is and isn't, because, let's face it, everyone has their own idea of what that looks like. Some people baptize, others don't. Do you do communion? How many our fathers did you say this week? No unclean meats for us. 

No one can agree on what Christianity looks like. So this is why I'm telling what it looks like to me. 

A Christian is a sinful person who is tired and beat down by life. They've made mistakes, they know they've made mistakes, and they want to be saved by the free gift that we don't deserve. It almost seems to easy, doesn't it?

 The thing is, Christianity is hard. The devil seems to be endlessly trying to trap and kill us. People hate us because they either don't see eye to eye with us or they feel threatened. The church is being taken over by angry hypocritical people, and everyone is splitting into to teams, or more formally known as denominations. 

I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I believe that God created the universe and everything inhabiting it. I believe that there is a heaven and a hell. I believe God has a plan for me and my life. I believe God loves you. 

What do you believe?

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