Friday, January 1, 2016

Post Christmas Depression

I'm quite sure that I'm not the only who is fairly depressed by the time January 7 rolls around. Christmas and New Years is over, everyone has taken down their lights and Christmas decorations, and the next holiday to look forward to is composed of waxy chocolates and over (over) priced flowers. Bing Crosby has stopped crooning "Silent Night" and Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song" has been silenced. The whole world seems dark and cold, and everyone is trying to get back to routine. And work off the all-too-many Christmas cookies.

I come to dread this time of year, because it seems like you're gonna be stuck in it forever. Have you ever felt this way?

What I've come to realize this year, is that the New Year is a fresh start. Change is scary, and sometimes, I think that we'd like things to stay the same for a while. Maybe that's why we get depressed at this time of the year. Continuity is comforting and predictable, but sometimes, even if we don't want it, we need change.

Christmas is a magical, joyous, and wonderful time of the year. Maybe in stead of mourning its departure, we should spend that extra energy on thanking God for Jesus and his birth.

Step to Take to Get Over Post- Christmas Depression:

1. Rearrange
First, you may want to try rearranging your room or house. Create a new environment to have new thoughts and ideas. The great thing is, this doesn't cost you a penny!

2. Reinvent
 Try doing something that you've never done before! Are you artistic? Try out a new form of art that you've never gotten the chance to do. Is their something you've always wanted to learn? Take a class on it!

3. Reconnect
Reconnect with someone you haven't talked to in a long time. Chances are, they will be happy to hear from you, and it might even be a chance to rekindle a friendship that you lost.

Giving yourself new opportunities and things to do will help keep your mind off being depressed. Happy New Year! 

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