Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, America!

Today is Independence Day. First of all, I want you to clap because it is America's 239th birthday! Yay!

I imagine most families have some kind of tradition for the 4th. Barbequing is a little cliche,  but then again, who doesn't like barbequed pork or beef? (Sorry, vegetarians!)

My family and I have a tradition of watching the very first episode of Star Trek: Voyager. The reason we watch this particular episode is because we first started to watch the show on the 4th of July 4 years ago. Yes, we are just that into it. =)

We also take our boat out onto our local lake because they always have a parade on the lake. A boat parade. It is very cool! We line up and cruise around the border of the lake. The residents that live on the water will sit outside and wave to us. Some people even decorate their boats. We tried that one year. Yeah, no.

Last year at the parade, however, I did take this picture.

Please share your fun traditions or memorable 4th of July's. I'd love to hear from you!


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