Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Now and Forever" by Mary Connealy

Now and Forever is a very endearing story. Set in the late 1800's Mid- West, Connealy writes a story that draws readers in with a fast paced beginning.

Shannon Wilde is a fine lady-- dressed as a man. Matthew Tucker is a kind, isolated young man. One day on one of his jaunts in the mountains, a bear attacks him. Just his luck, Shannon runs over to help him. Only problem is the only way to get off the cliff is to dive into the nastiest waters this side of the Mississippi. By a miracle they survive, and shortly afterwards are rescued.

However, due to the customs of the day, they are more or less forced to marry because of all the time they spent together.

As the days then weeks then months go by, the begin to appreciate each others company, and eventually the fall in love.

 This wonderful season of their lives is tarnished on account of somebody trying to drive Shannon off her land! But Shannon and Tucker trust God, even when hard things hit.

This book was very good. A sweet tale filled with romance and humor. A perfect summer read!

I was given a copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

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