Monday, September 8, 2014

Joke of the Week: Sept. 8, 2014

Hey!!!!!!! We are starting a fabulous new week! So far it has been a chilly but beautiful morning. I woke up and was ready to get moving. We are restarting school and I am so ready to get in a routine again. Summer is nice, but I am kinda a control freak.

  I am a huge Star Trek freak. I was watching Spock and his Spock-ness in the cradle. We even have a video of me when I was little pretending that the stones in the fireplaces was a control panel. In the recent years though, I have been more into Star Trek than ever before. We have Netflix and that means they have every series of Star Trek! My personal favorite is Star Trek: Voyager.
Yeah, I know, you want to hear the joke of the week! Well, here it is folks!

                                                    "What tree is older than most of the others trees?"
Live long and prosper, groovy people!

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