Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20th, 2014: Lovely Day

It was a beautiful day today. We did a lot of yard work and getting ready to do some camping! My dog had had some fleas so we put some diatomaceous earth (ground fossils) on her. Hopefully, it works before we go into the trailer for multiple days! Here is a picture of Lizzy in a deep sleep on the fireplace:
Lizzy is a miniature Australian shepherd. She is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet dog. My mom didn't like dogs until we had Lizzy. She was our first dog and now we will never be without one.

 My mom was also canning peaches today, so the whole house was so hot!

They are so good in the winter.

 We also have chickens. They are very average except for one beautiful Austolorp. She has soft black feathers that are green in the sunlight. My dad  says almost every day that the chicken could win blue. Our girls (as we call the chickens) often have to share nest boxes in our coop. Here are two girls duking out for the nest!
                                                                                        Have a great day,

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